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Yoga and Naturopathy


Yoga and NaturopathyYoga is a science having knack of pooling Psyche (Mind) and Somatic (Body) aspects of body. It is a way of viewing individual as physical, psychological, social and spiritual entities. Sage Patanjali is pioneer of Yogic science. The ultimate goal of human being is salvation and Patanjali advocate Ashtang-yoga as a tool for it. Merely physical gesture is not Yoga but it is first step towards yoga.

Only Qualified and skilled Doctors provide optimum quality of health services to the society. An excellence health education service is only tool to produce prudent and pious doctors. Department of ISM&H endeavor for same by conducting 11 Ayurvedic, 16 Homeopathic and 1 Naturopathy & Yoga colleges. Department also take initiative by starting Para- Ayurvedic courses like Ayurvedic Compounder and Ayurvedic Nursing to add excellence in current services of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. The details of various courses available in Gujarat state are as follow.

Colleges across the Gujarat

YOGA institute Government Grant in aid Self-finance Total
Naturopathy & Yoga 00 00 01 01

Total seats available in Gujarat State

Seats available Naturopathy & Yoga UG
Govt. Of Gujarat 00
Grant in aid 00
Self-finance 30
Govt. Of India 00
Total 30

Presently 02 colleges of Gujarat state are delivering ancient Yoga knowledge to the students in a most scientific way. Gujarat Ayurveda University conduct post-graduate diplomat course at Jamnagar.

Type Course offered Name Duration
Post Graduate Diploma PGDYN Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy 1 Year
Graduation BYMS Bachelor of Yoga Naturopathy Science 5 ½ year
Diploma D.Y.N. Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy 2 Year
Certificate CCY Certificate course in Yoga Education

Yoga & Naturopahty College

Government has sanctioned one self-finance college for Yoga and Naturopathy from the year of 2005-06 at Vadodara. Ayurveda University will soon endorse the B.Sc. (Yoga) course for those who want to pursue scientific study of Yogic Science.

Course Certificate level course
Conducted by Morarji Desai Naturopathy College, Kareli Baig, Vadodara
Duration 5 ½ year (5 year+½ year internship)
Eligibility 10+2 with GUJCET
Science stream-B & AB Group
Sanskrit either in 10th or 12th standard
Seats 30
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