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Unani System of Medicine

Unani System of MedicineUnani medicine was invented in Greece and is based on the Hippocrates and Gallen. Later it was further developed and flourish by Arabs, named Rhazes , Avicenna, Al-Zahravi , Ibne-Nafis and others. Unani Medicines was mainly practicing in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India etc. Unani System of Medicine was introduced in India by Arabs.

Unani treatment is based on Temperament (Mizaj), examination of the PULSE (Nubz), Diet therapy (Ilaj-bil-Ghiza), Climatic therapy (Ilaj-bil-Hawa), Regimental therapy (Ilaj-bit-Tadbir), etc. Unani System is very much effective in disorder like Arthritis, Vitiligo, Liver disorders, Nervous system disorders, Bronchial Asthma etc. Treatment is based on cupping, diaphoresis, Turkish bath, Massage, Cauterization, Purging, Emesis, Leeching, etc.

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