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TrainingTraining is one of the effective and tested tools for performance enhancement, as well as up gradation of knowledge and skills of the personnel and organization. Training is permanent process of learning and updating for all type of staff. Training means to facilitate the person to do his/her duty more efficiently.

Skilled and competent employees can play a key role in success of any organization.There is always need of training as it enhances professional knowledge and also improve the performance. Training is not merely taught new upcoming in the concern field but it also covers behavioral, social and cultural aspects of organization, where the actual work is carried out. It creates better understanding between employees and attitude orientation. These aspects are very essential for smooth and timely work of any department.

Training in the field of Ayurveda is necessary to build competency and skill at each level of staff; it also provides basic knowledge of Ayurveda to each level of staff. Better performance at root level can only be achieved by systematic and tailored made training for each cadre. Training in Ayurveda will improve the standard of performance at Ayurveda education and Ayurveda health care services. Training increase values in administration and it generate responsiveness, commitment, awareness and accountability in staff.

In viewing of extensive usefulness of training, division of Training and Research was established in 2008-09 to update knowledge and technical skill of each cadre of staff with current trends and advancement in the field of Ayurveda. Training modules for different cadre on relevant topics are prepared by division of training. As output of training, excellence and skills of staff can be improved.

All technical staffs are empowered by various modules like TOT, Panchakarma training-Update Panchakarma, Panchakarma at OPD level, Ksharsootra workshop and UpasthataTalim of Panchakarma technician, Compounder and paricharika. Training division organize CME for medical officer and ROTP for teaching staff in Gujarat.

Details of various training conducted in 2011-2012

ROTP At Gandhinagar with the fund received from Department of AYUSH, Government of INDIA

SUBJECT OF ROTP Number of Participants
Sharir Rachana 27
Sharir Kriya 24
Basic Principal 28
Sanskrit 26
Total 105
(*National level ROTP)

Details of Training

Name of training program Cadre No. of Trainee
Rakt Basti in Thallessemia Class-I & II 19
Anemia Control Through Ayurveda Class-I & II 31
Update Homoeopathy Class-II 30
Total 80

Details of Training

Sr. No Name of Training Total
1 Technical training 80
2 CME 90
3 ROTP 105
Total 275


ISM&H publishes different leaflets, booklets and digital media like radio, television for promotion of various Indian system of medicine.

Sr. No Name of Book Name of Author -Editor Publisher
1 Rakt Basti in Thallessemia Dr. Haridra C. Dave Dr. Sejal. H Shah and Dr H. C Chudasama, Director, ISM&H, Govt of Gujarat
2 Anemia Control Through Ayurveda Dr. Haridra C. Dave Dr. Sejal. H Shah and Dr H. C Chudasama, Director, ISM&H, Govt of Gujarat
3 Update Homoeopathy Dr. Haridra C. Dave Dr. Pankaj Patel Director, ISM&H, Govt of Gujarat

Dispensary Management

In a view to train all the doctors (Ayurveda as well as Homoeopathy) working at dispensaries, one day training program is planned. The training is scheduled at district level, and the experts for the training programs are District Ayurveda Officers sessions are in till date 100 Ayurveda and homoeopathy Medical officers from 7 Districts have gained training. The program is in progress. Results of the training are very encouraging.

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