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Siddha System

Siddha SystemThe word Siddha means achievements and Siddhars refers to pious persons who invented the medicine. Lord Shiva is believed as founder of Siddha system and knowledge is conveying through his disciple Parvati who pass on to Nandi Deva. There were 18 siddha who were cited as pillar in building of siddha system of medicine and amongst them the name of Siddha Ayastiyar is taken with respect in siddha field. The basic literature of Siddha is found in Tamil language.

Siddha assumed human body as the replica of the universe all objects in the universe are composed of five basic elements namely, earth, water, fire, air and sky. Health is equilibrium of humours and its disturbance or imbalance leads to disease. The Material medica of siddha is enrich with wide description of inorganic, mineral, volatile substances, metals like gold, silver, copper, tine, lead etc. The knowledge of plants and mineral were of very high order. The chemical processing like calcinations, sublimation, distillation, fusion, separation conjunction, fermentation, exaltation were also known to them.

The system has holistic approach for treatment with consideration of environment, age, sex, race, habits, mental frame, habitat, diet, appetite, physiological constitution etc. Ailments like Psoriasis, rheumatic problems, anemia, BPH, bleeding piles and peptic ulcers can be well treated by siddha system.

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