Directorate Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeopathy


Date Notification Number Title Download
04-03-2016 GP-08-RRS-MKM-102009-1884-CHH Post of Assistant Pharmacist, Class-III Link Icon
05-03-2016 GP-11-MKM-102008-1882-CHH Post of Technician, Class-III Link Icon
10-01-2017 GP/1/MKM/102014/2606/CHH Post of Nurse, Class-III Link Icon
18-01-1984 GP-110-RRS-1081-5462-(83) Post of Physiotherapist Link Icon
24-02-1993 GP-14-ADR-1087-6035-545(93) Post of Laboratory Assistant Class-III Link Icon
27-03-1991 RSS-1089-852/(91) Post of X-Ray Technician Class-III Link Icon
28-10-1977 GP-241-DR-1076-8176-CHH The Ayurved Department Link Icon
31-07-2015 GP/18/RRS-MKM-102009-1632-CHH Post of Electrician Class-III Link Icon
16-10-1988 GP-119-A UH-2078-6828(88)-CHH Post of Assistant Technician, Panchakarma Class-III Link Icon
18-01-1969 GP-1514-AUH-1067-N Post of Dresser under the Ayurved Dept. Link Icon
16-02-2015 MKM-102009-1552-CHH Post of Compounder (Ayurved) Class-III Link Icon
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