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Ayurveda PharmaciesVision:Being an integrate part of health care system for provide good health with the help of Ayurved system

Mission:To provide quality based Ayurvedic classical and propriety medicine without alter basic principle of Ayurveda for improved health outcomes - always, everywhere, for all.Government of Gujarat has two own traditional Ayurvedic drug manufacturing units which are functioning under Health & Family welfare department under the guidance of Directorate, AYUSH, Gujarat. These two pharmacies are established in 1982. One is in Rajpipla (Dist;Narmada) and another one in Vadodara. Previously Vadodara pharmacy was attached with Government Ayurved College-Vadodara which was declared independent manufacturing unit in 2008-09. Both Pharmacies are GMP certification since 2008. As in health sector key role of AYUSH system is established in Gujarat by providing quality healthcare and medical care throughout the state with the AYUSH forces. In Gujarat 5 College affiliated big hospitals, 30 District level AYUSH hospitals and 577 Dispensaries are functioning very well under the direction of Directorate, AYUSH.At present we are witnessing a highly receptive environment where the value of AYUSH systems in healthcare is widely recognized. Many reforms in administration, education, medical tourism and district level AYUSH Hospitals proposals are already underway by the Directorate AYUSH-Gujarat.These two pharmacies are serving with quality and quantity of medicines to all AYUSH system working under the Directorate of AYUSH-Gujarat. Other than these essential drugs are also provided to rural dispensaries under the National AYUSH Mission (NAM) scheme since 2016. Research works are part of PG Scholars in different streams of Ayurved. Two Governments headed Upgraded PG Institutes scholars are also procured research medicines from Pharmacies.More ever Rasayan project for geriatric practices and preventive medicines for senior citizens, Bal Rasayana for malnourished children medicines are also manufactured by these pharmacies. Raw herbal, metal and mineral based standard quality raw material is purchased according to government purchase and procurement policy by Government. Price for sale of finished prodcuts are also decided by Government. Right now both pharmacies are famous for its classical preparation without compromises its basic principles with assured quality.Both pharmacies have more than 11 types of formulations like Churna (Powder), Kwath (Powder Decoction),Granules, Vati (Pills), Tikadi (Tablets), Capsules (Herbo-mineral based ),Taila (Medicated Oils), Ghee (Medicated Ghees), Lepa (External applicant), Malam (Cream and Ointments), Sarkra (Syrups) and number of products are more than 254.In last three years total Production of pharmacies are 18 Cr Rupees in Rajpipla and 3 Cr Rupees in Vadodara. For manufacturing both pharmacies need more than 4 Cr Rupees Raw herbal, metals, mineral based materials, 1.25 Cr Rupees Packing materials like HDPE Containers, Corrugated boxes etc.They also need upgraded or updated industrial scale production and packing machinery. Also they need smart small ERP based GMP based pharma-software system to handle all operations smoothly.

No Name of Pharmacy Raw drugs (in Kg) Trade price
1 Rajpipala Pharmacy 114987 15551157
2 Vadodara Pharmacy 8276 1916004
Total 123263 17467161

Government Ayurved Pharmacy Vadodara-Information

(Rs. In lakhs)
No Year Product Sales
1 2015-16 34.70 104.57
2 2016-17 70.03 108.27
3 2017-18 199.21 90.14

Government Ayurved Pharmacy Rajpipla-Information

(Rs. In lakhs)
No Year Product Sales
1 2015-16 164.81 629.63
2 2016-17 591.00 483.00
3 2017-18 1103.00 1005.00
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