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Ayurveda PharmaciesTwo Government Ayurveda pharmacy were established in 1982 at Rajpipala (Dist.Narmada) and Vadodara. Previously Vadodara pharmacy was attached with AyurvedaCollege, Vadodara and declared independent unit in 2008-09. These pharmacies are serving the purpose of quality and quantity of medicine for 33 Ayurvedic hospitals and 545 dispensaries across the Gujarat. The pharmacies are following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Raw herbal drugs are purchased according to government norms from Government. Raw drugs are processed with strict Ayurvedic measure to assure excellence Ayurvedic medicine for patients. These pharmacies produced 170 types of Ayurvedic medicine like Choorn (powder), Vati (Tablet) and Kwath (decoction) worth Rs.17467161 yearly.

These pharmacies are also utilized for the purpose of practical demonstration of Ayurvedic drug manufacturing to students of Ayurvedic graduate, post graduate, Ph.D scholar, pharmaceutical companies and allopathic pharmacy students. Prepared medicines are distributed to the dispensaries and hospitals of Gujarat Government. The prices are revised according to GR of Health & family welfare department No. (1) AYD-1006-FSF-247-Chha, date.04-01-2007 and (2) AYD-102007-FSF-133-Chha, date.20-08-2008, Sachivalay, Gandhinagr. The details of the raw drugs and production in the year of 2008-09 are given below.

No Name of Pharmacy Raw drugs (in Kg) Trade price
1 Rajpipala Pharmacy 114987 15551157
2 Vadodara Pharmacy 8276 1916004
Total 123263 17467161

સરકારી આયુર્વેદ ફાર્મસી વડોદરા- માહિતિ

અનુ.નં વર્ષ ઉત્પાદન વેચાણ
1 2015-16 34.70 104.57
2 2016-17 70.03 108.27
3 2017-18 199.21 90.14

સરકારી આયુર્વેદ ફાર્મસી રાજપીપળા- માહિતિ

અનુ.નં વર્ષ ઉત્પાદન વેચાણ
1 2015-16 164.81 629.63
2 2016-17 591.00 483.00
3 2017-18 1103.00 1005.00
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