Directorate Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeopathy


  • To provide better education in the field of AYUSH specialties
  • To render health services to people
  • To build up healthy society by propagating role of AYUSH in preventive Health Care
  • To standardize and embolden the education system of AYUSH
  • To develop and encourage scientific approach towards research and education through Post Graduate and PhD study
  • To validate the fundamental principles and clinical aspects through research
  • To maintain the quality of medicine as per GMP standard
  • To maintain and enhance the skill and knowledge of technical person and Upasthata(Para Ayurvedic) through training.

Provision of AYUSH Services

  • Delivery of Quality AYUSH health care services to entire population.
  • AYUSH to be integral part of the health delivery system by mainstreaming of AYUSH.
  • To ensure healthy population through AYUSH intervention.
  • To ensure creation of enabling uniform legal framework for the practice of AYUSH education and practices.
  • Utilization of Trained AYUSH Doctors at all levels of Health Care services.

Medicinal Plants

  • To ensure sustained availability of quality raw material from medicinal plants.
  • To ensure conservation of medicinal plants.
  • Capacity building in medicinal plants sector.

Training and Research

  • To train all the cadres serving under Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy according to their requirements and duties.
  • To promote quality research in AYUSH with the objective of validating the system scientifically, safety and efficacy of AYUSH remedies.
  • To encourage research for validation of fundamental principles of AYUSH Systems.
  • Promote inter-disciplinary research.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) in AYUSH systems.
  • Encourage research in preventive and promotive health through AYUSH.

Human Resources Development

  • To ensure availability of quality education and training to AYUSH doctors as well as Teachers.
  • To ensure availability of quality paramedical, pharmacy and nursing education and training in AYUSH.
  • To empower AYUSH professionals with improved skills and attitudes.

Information , Education and Communication

  • Propagation & promotion of AYUSH.
  • To disseminate AYUSH practices and therapies for better health.
  • To encourage behavior change through communication for better health.

Drugs Administration

  • To accelerate the Pharmacopeial / standardization work on AYUSH drugs.
  • To ensure availability of high quality AYUSH drugs.
  • To ensure enabling legal framework for production and distribution of safe and quality AYUSH drugs.
  • To construct Regulatory infrastructure in State Govt.
  • To encourage AYUSH drug industry to produce high quality AYUSH medicine for national & International needs.
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